Zsivira Chemie Merk will give you the best leather chemicals

        Zsivira Chemie Merk has always been part of the Jan Group based out of India and it has acquired a lot of exposure in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dyes, cosmetics and real estate. The company also produces the chemicals and this is done mainly for the leather industry and also for a selective number of polymers for the purpose of construction. This leather chemical production was started in the year 1994 in the name of Stanpol Derimerk. This was done in a very small way by using only 4 products in the manufacturing and production line. Leather chemical has lately become an integral part of our life because of its ever increasing applications and uses. The same can be said about the leather tanning chemicals. These leather tanning chemicals and help you a lot in the long run also. Thus always go for Zsivira Chemic Merk leather chemical.

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A technical tie up :

          During the year 2011, the Stanpol Derimerk was rechristened as the so called Zsivira Chemie Merk private limited because of a technical tie up. This tie up was done with a foreign collaborator in order to facilitate the company and enable it to enter into the global market with the help of a great brand image. These days Zsivira Chemie Merk is able to produce at least 200 individual products and these involve more than 400 raw materials for its production purpose. The main strength that Zsivira possesses is its growing expertise in research and development and this includes both leather as well as chemical. Zsivira produces the best leather chemical in the market and there is no doubt about that. By using a leather chemical you will be able to make the most out of the situation because Zsivira produces or manufacturer’s very high quality leather chemical.