Quality Fat Liquors by Zsivira for Leather Treatment

Why should Fat Liquors be used for treating leather?

The raw leather cannot be used until it is processed to make it usable. The raw leather is usually hard and rough and hence cannot be converted into various products such as handbags, shoes, belts etc. It requires a special type of chemical to soften them. The traditional method used had only a few methods that enhanced the leather products, however, over the time, the requirement and the need, demanded better quality tanning chemicals for varied usage. With the improvement of science and technology, advanced methods were adopted to support leather products of required softness and texture. Zsivira, a leading manufacturer of tanning chemicals supports enhanced fat liquors for various leather products. The Fat Liquor Manufacturers from Zsivira are used to soften the leather for garments, shoes and upholstery leather.szivira1Fat Liquors manufacturers promotes export quality fat liquors for leather treatment

It is to be noted that the Fat Liquor Manufacturers by Zsivira provide high quality of tanning agents. They provide different varieties of fat liquors which are used for different processes. Some of the best fat liquors provided by the Fat Liquor Manufacturers are Synthetic Fat Liquor, Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor, Lanolin Fat Liquor, Lecithin Fat liquor etc.  The Fat Liquor is used on leather products make them lightweight, soft and has smooth surfaces. The leather obtained after treating with Fat Liquors could be used in the manufacture of various leather products.

The Fat Liquors Manufacturers by Zsivira ensure that the fat liquors are prepared considering all the parameters required for an export quality. They make sure that certain parameters such as the volume of fattening substance are added correctly. It is to be noted that Fat Liquors withstand dynamic temperature variations and has an extended lifespan. With such enhanced product, the Fat Liquor Manufacturers assure of converting any poor quality leather into the usable and modernized product. This has helped them to achieve as a supreme manufacturer of tanning agents.

For More Information :  http://www.zsiviraindia.com/fat-liquors.php



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