ZSIVIRA CHEMIE MERK is part of JAN GROUP in INDIA. JAN GROUP has exposure in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Dyes and Real Estate.

ZSIVIRA CHEMIE MERK produces chemicals mainly for Leather Industry and for selective Polymers for Construction. The Leather Chemical Production was started in 1994 in the name of STANPOL DERIMERK in a small way with only 4 products in manufacturing line. By the year 2000 STANPOL DERIMERK made a remarkable expansion in its products line by engaging experts and by signing technical tie-up and commenced producing wide range of FATLIQUORS, SYNTANS, POLYMERS, LACQUERS, WAX EMULSIONS, DISPERSING AND DEGREASING AGENTS and many speciality products.

By 2011 STANPOL DERIMERK was rechristened as ZSIVIRA CHEMIE MERK PRIVATE LIMITED due to the technical tie up with its foreign collaborator in order to facilitate the company to enter into Global Market with brand image.

Now ZSIVIRA CHEMIE MERK produces almost 200 individual products which involves more than 400 raw materials for its production. The main strength of ZSIVIRA is its expertise in R&D, both in Chemical and Leather. The raw materials are tested and approved before taking into production and likewise the finished products are cleared for packing only after getting test report from the in- house analytical lab.

Now ZSIVIRA operates from its new production facility with a combined capacity of 72000 Metric Tonnes per Annum with vast land and factory buildings having separate blocks for R&D, Production, Sampling, Production Control, Warehouse and Office complex.


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