Fat liquor gives luster and finish to the finished leather

The leather industry has flourished phenomenally in last few decades. Attractive and fancy leather items are one of the hottest selling items in online shops and traditional brick and mortar shops. Though a majority of people prefer mat finish items because of royal and elite looks, glossy items also capture a considerable market share. Special processing is needed to make it glossy. Use of chemicals makes the surface smooth. Fat liquor lubricant is one of such substances that add an attractive luster to it. A top-notch leather industry produces high-quality material for those who love incredible products without bothering of the cost. Bags, jackets, hats, belts and many other varieties of glossy leather attract people worldwide. Zsivira is a leading name for premium leather and leather products

Fat liqour

Fat liqour

Processing brings luster and shine

Special processing is needed for adding shine and attractive finish to the leather that is raw and dull naturally. It goes through a series of processes that bring the transformation. Cleaning, grooming, coloring, and polishing are some of the steps.

How do leather lubricants work?

Out of various chemicals that are used for leather polishing, fat liquor is useful and effective. It not only cleanses, but nourishes and moisturizes the raw leather. It improves the life of finished goods by reducing the impact of weather and aging. Processed leather products can sustain heat, dust, sunlight, and rains. They become soft, smooth and silky.

Leather processing units buy Fat Liquor in large quantities from reputed suppliers like Zsivira. They offer effective and top-class lubricants at affordable prices. With special anionic emulsifiers like seal oil, fat liquors cause a special chemical reaction to break the molecules of leather. As a result, it gets smooth and silky finish.

Leather nourishing products have some essential components that destabilize collagen fibers. The destabilization process boosts absorption of moisture and brings softness to the product. When leather deforms, the breakdown process enhances, and leather fibers break further.

Always buy high-quality liquors from high-quality suppliers

Leading companies like Zsivira supply superior quality material that brings incredible quality improvement in the leather products. Companies get a good value for money. Since the products are of great quality, they bring superiority in the finished leather to make it a premium product. A large spectrum of natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic fat liquors are useful for producing different qualities of smooth and lustrous leather. It is possible to make ultra-soft garments, shoes, upholstery leather, and other fancy stuff.


Why Zsivira?

If you are looking towards establishing your identity in the leather market with super-class products, then using a high-quality raw material is greatly important. A moisturizing agent should have sufficient fattening agents. It should not be too thick or diluted. The pH value (Acid-base ratio) should be just perfect. It is important that the chemical is stable at low and high temperatures. A world-class supplier like Zsivira maintains top-class quality standards so that each lot has the same quality and consistency. Production team makes necessary improvement in the products based on feedback received from customers.